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The privacy of individuals connected with Dynamic Plumbing (together, the “Company” or “we”), including our customers, contractors, suppliers, employees and website visitors, is of high importance to us. Keeping Personal Information in strict confidence is the basis of our business. We will always strive to protect the privacy of personal data according to this privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”). The Privacy Policy describes the principles on which the Company, its employees and agents will safeguard the privacy of Personal Information, sets out the principles on which the privacy practices are based. It also considers the various privacy laws across the country which also help protect our customers’ personal data. This Privacy Policy, as it applies to the Company’s subsidiary, may be superseded by a policy specifically adopted by such subsidiary.


“Personal Information” is any recorded data about an identifiable person, other than the name, title, business telephone number and business address. “Personal Information” includes a person’s home address, date of birth, medical and financial information, social insurance number. Such data may be collected from customers, employees, and website visitors. In all cases, Dynamic Plumbing is committed to protecting your privacy.


With respect to our clients, most of the Personal Information is collected and received primarily in connection with products and services provided by the Company and during the establishment of our customers’ accounts with us. We use Personal Information for different purposes: Establishing, managing and terminating business relations with the customer; Reviewing the products & services that we obtain from the customer; Reviewing the products and services that we provide to the customer; Protecting us against fraud, error, theft and damage to our goods and property; Informing you of our other products and services, or those of carefully selected third parties; Any other reasonable purpose to which the customer consents. We may also collect Personal Information through our website, which may use tracking software in the form of “cookies.” Cookies are text files containing unique identification numbers identifying your Internet browser. These cookies enable us to collect/store data (date, time and duration of the visit to our website; recognize returning customers; collect and store geographic data determined by the IP address of your computer; the website from which you linked to our website; and the pages you visited while on our website and how long you stayed). Dynamic Plumbing may also get information about your browsing history from third parties (our trusted business partners and vendors). All this data is used to enhance the overall user browsing experience.


Dynamic Plumbing will not disclose Personal Information to third parties unless you authorize us to release it, or release is required or permitted by law. We share Personal Data among Dynamic Plumbing and with suppliers who offer and perform services on our behalf (such as analytics, data hosting, processing, marketing) and with whom contracts have been signed to optimize providing potential customers with our products and services. We share information only with Canadian suppliers. We also share data with our dealers with the aim of handling any complaints or problems. We also provide information on our interactions with customers to credit bureaus, financial institutions, and reporting agencies in order to maintain a client’s credit history. Also, our clients’ Personal Information may be revealed at the request of the governmental institutions if it doesn’t preclude the national legislation. You may refuse to provide personal data to the Company and may, subject to legal or contractual restrictions and reasonable notice, withdraw consent at any time to our continued use and disclosure of data previously collected. Please consider that refusing or withdrawing your consent in respect of our handling of certain Personal Information may result in us being unable to provide you with certain services & products. You can withdraw your consent at any time by writing to the 24/7 Support Service Center. You may also opt out of continuing to receive communications from the Company in respect of products and services of the Company or third parties other than those which you have inquired about or are receiving.


We utilize a chain of physical, electronic and managerial measures designed to keep your Personal Data secure. The measures provide: education & training to relevant staff to ensure they are aware of our privacy obligations when handling Personal Information; administrative and technical controls to restrict access to Personal Information to those who require it to fulfil the purposes above; technological security measures, including firewalls, multi-factor authentication, encryption and anti-virus software; and physical security measures. We take security measures to protect our customers’ Personal Data. However, remember that no security measures can ensure absolute security.


The file with your Personal Information will be stored on our servers or those of our service providers. It will be accessible to authorized Team Members. In some cases, we can sore your Personal Information for a more extended period: as long as is necessary for us to provide products and services to you; any retention period required by national law; during the period in which investigations might arise concerning products or services. Further, any copies of Personal Information stored in our electronic system will be destroyed.


We strive to ensure that all Personal Information is correct, accurate, and up-to-date and take all reasonable efforts to ensure that the integrity and accuracy of such data are protected. Upon a written request, we will provide you with access to your Personal Information held by us as described in the Privacy Policy, and will identify how the information has been used and to whom it has been disclosed. There are only a few circumstances under which we will not comply with your request to provide you with access to your Personal Information. These circumstances include: If the information is subject to solicitor-client privilege or was generated in the context of a formal dispute resolution process; If the information relates to the actual or suspected breach of an agreement or of applicable law; Where permitted or required by applicable law.
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